A shopping mall for marijuana related items. Video reviews of products and accessories related to the cannabis culture…watch it in action, get unbiased reviews and buy within.

Familiarize yourself with the past, present and future of the cannabis culture.  View testimonials of the effectiveness of marijuana as a medicine.  Learn about scientific evidence supporting medicinal claims. Medicate through food and ingestion by researching recipes to prepare cannabis edibles.

Educate yourself about marijuana and its legalities in today’s society. Explore the cannabis market as a profession through proper education and certification.

Review some of the modern day strains of cannabis available today.

Learn how different types of cannabis related products are produced in the DIY section.

Watch the Tips & Tricks section and observe techniques to make your medication sessions more enjoyable.

Laugh at the Things to Watch When You are Stoned Vidz in the Stonerz Lounge.

Keep in touch with the innovations at StonerHeadsRUs.com…the place to review & buy or just hang out and chillax.

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